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These days, it’s rare for an organization not to utilize shared servers for storing and organizing company assets and documents. Businesses small and large understand the benefits of having a shared server, but not all servers are powerful or simplistic enough when it comes to storing a large number of files. The whole point of a shared server is to allow information to flow efficiently and intuitively across an organization—but that’s easier said than done. This is partly why there are so many flavors of shared server products. There’s a wide variety of file-management frameworks because there’s a wide variety of client needs, as well. Products like Google Drive and Dropbox are intuitive, easy to integrate, fast, and collaborative. However, they’re not very good at handling large amounts of files that need approval workflows and robust management tools across multiple teams. Products like Microsoft Sharepoint and Alfresco are designed for management, and give you much more control. Sharepoint is affordable and the most well-recognized document management server, but we feel that Alfresco offers some key features that give it an edge.

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The name “Community” is an indication of what we prefer about Alfresco Community. First and foremost, Alfresco has an incredibly powerful search functionality that feels like having Google’s search power in your document management server. Secondly, Alfresco’s other product, Activiti is a business process management engine that offers huge benefits of efficiency and automation in managing documents ranging from security to smart grouping to versioning. Community also makes social engagement effortless by including “favorites” and “likes,” as well as rich commenting abilities and sharing across platforms. Community aims to create exactly that – a community around collaboration, which is ultimately the aim of document management. Shared servers allow groups of people in an organization to transfer information efficiently and intuitively, and this information is only as good as the community around it. Connect with us to learn how Community can take your organization’s collaboration to the next level!

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