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How to Manage Team Capacity Effectively?

Resource planning


Report Builder serves as an universal time tracking and reporting tool. Users have the opportunity to track time for Jira issues and add them to their timesheets. Team leads or project managers are able to create meaningful reports.


Invoicing & Resource planning
with Report Builder

One of our use cases during the development of Report Builder was:

What is the capacity of my team and how can I manage it?

Respective scenarios could be:

  • A team leader would like to gain more insight for his team’s capacity or a specific expert and administrate the workload.
  • A team member is struggling because of overload.
  • An employee has less to do than contracted.
  • Employees need more or less time for tickets than anticipated.

All of this requirements are in need of a tool, with which users are able to add time logs and create reports with total hours.

The Goal of Report Builder

With Report Builder we focused on the requirements of users, to add time logs and check workloads easily. Report Builder’s goal is to enable quick time logging by using existing Jira issues and adding them to a timesheet. Team and project leads are therefore able to get access to these time logs and create reports. These reports will show the workload of users in total hours.

How does adding time logs and checking workloads in Report Builder look like?

Report Builder contains different sections, which are helpful for different users:

My Timesheets for employee / team member

In this section everybody has the ability to add time logs for Jira issues. In the Calendar view users are able to add time logs by choosing Jira issues and adding them to their day by dragging-and-dropping. In the Timeline view issues can be selected for the timesheet. In a pop-up dialogue the actual hours can be added and total hours will be calculated automatically.

Time Reports with templates for quick workload overview for team lead / project leads:

In this section users can choose between two different predefined report variations, Timeline Report and Pivot Report. By picking specific filters, groups and columns, the report can be customized. Specific users or teams can be picked and their total hours can be compared.

Timeline Report

Timeline Report presents the tracked time in a timeline. By choosing a specific user for filtering, the total hours will be calculated and shown in the report.

Pivot Report

Pivot Reports show even more information. They create a relation between chosen filters, groups and columns. Again, a specific user can be picked for filtering and the logged total hours will be calculated. Furthermore, additional columns like Story Point, Issue Types, Priority etc. can be added and show more data for the work log.

Scripted Reports allows different data through fully customizable ways of reporting for team lead / project lead

Users can choose from different report templates in the section Scripted Reports. They are able to customize them by changing the HTML Code and the JavaScript. Or they decide to create their own report from scratch.

By using the integrated template like the Delivery Report and the visualization library Chart.js, logged hours of a specific assignee can be shown visually, as you can see in the screenshot. The orange line presents contracted hours in relation to the blue line, which presents logged hours.

Report Builder as an allrounder

Report Builder meets user requirements for time tracking and reporting, specifically for total hours of a user by allowing easy time logs in timesheets and quick reporting with customizable filters. Integrated templates give the needed freedom to create reports with different data.

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