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Apply JSM approval workflow changes to pending status tickets

If you change the approval workflow in Jira Service Management, you have to make sure that the new settings are also transferred to tickets in pending status. Bulk changes unfortunately do not work at this point. In this exclusive tip, we will show you how to successfully transfer the new JSM approval workflow to tickets in pending status!

Velocity Charts in Jira for better sprint planning

Velocity Charts in Jira are a good way to level up your sprint planning and make your team achieve any sprint goal. In this article, we will show you one easy way to measure the velocity of your Jira team. Read more now!

How to anonymize content of specific projects in Jira

GDPR compliance is a topic that primarily concerns working councils and Jira admins. This is because personal data or entire projects must be anonymized after a certain period of time. We will show you how you can fully anonymize Jira users and projects automatically and with just a few clicks!

Bulk import of tests into Jira with Xray Test Case Importer

You are about to merge several Xray instances and now want to import a large amount of tests into your Jira instance? Then the Xray Test Case Importer is exactly the right tool. In this article, we show you important expert tips and tricks for a quick import success.

How to easily manage remote Agile teams

As an Agile project management tool, Jira combines all the essential points when working with remote teams. In this article, we want to introduce you to the challenges and advantages of remote teams and explain the benefits of Jira.