Map it. Automate it. Watch it Flow.

Imagine what life would be like if you could automate all of the repetitive and tedious daily tasks you do. We’re not talking about just work–we’re talking about tasks in your home, with your family, while you travel, during social events. Everything. Everywhere. All the time. Imagine if your car knew to start 30 min before you leave when the temperature drops below freezing? Perhaps you could tell Alexa or Siri to wake your kids automatically at the same time every day, start your coffee, and re-order laundry detergent when it runs out? What if all of your belongings had geo-markers so that you’d never lose anything? Having your life mapped and automated would allow you to be delightfully efficient.

Today, we are seeing more smart-home products and software that allow us to automate the tedious, repetitive, or just annoying tasks we don’t want to waste our time on. A lot of these products are relatively new to consumers and usually a bit expensive. However, when it comes to IT and business process management, there are myriad solutions at your fingertips. You simply need an engine for mapping, automating, and integrating processes across your business.

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Alfresco Activiti is our top choice for a powerful and scalable business process engine. If your current process can be mapped, whatever it may be, then it can be translated and integrated into Alfresco’s platform and plugged in anywhere. Your house may never be as smart as Tony Stark’s, but you can, and SHOULD, make sure your business processes are.

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